Graduated in December

After graduating college, what am i supposed to do to keep myself mentally healthy?

I feel stuck in life. I spend all day, everyday, every week at home. I apply to numerous jobs and nothing. Not even an interview.

I have no friends so i don’t go out much. I ca t seems to find anyone im into on tinder. So basically i have no reason to go out.

My option atm is going back to uni for a masters which i really don’t want to do. However, at home i don’t want to do anything productive either. I don’t hv motivation to study, review, or learn anything. At the same time, im miserable not doing anything.

I… don’t know what to do with my life… Im scared i end up stuck in life. I have no one to share my fears or feelings with so I ignore them. At night I wish i could just hand myself to end this feeling of being lost.

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