Hi everyone, long term meditator and ex Buddhist Monk here. I am creating a detailed video compilation of everything we need to know about meditation. You MUST take a look to see if your practice can be further optimized to build greater concentration and mindfulness.

Please let me know if you would like me to cover any areas that I may have missed. I would really appreciate as much feedback, positive or negative, so I can improve my content. Above all else, I hope you find something useful here that can aid your practice and journey. Much metta =)

Part 1– What is Meditation?

It's important to understand what meditation is before we practice it to make sure we are doing it properly and with the right intentions. Meditation is about strengthening our awareness and mindfulness by returning to our observing nature simply observing what is happening in the present moment. It is not about stopping the mind and having no thoughts, but about observing the mind and accepting the thoughts, letting them come and go and being at peace with it. Meditation can increase our patience, joy, peace, and control of the mind which benefits every aspect of life.

Part 2 – The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is long known to its profound benefits on the mind and body and has been practiced since ancient times. The three main benefits that we will begin to experience from our first session are: 1. A heightened sense of awareness and greater clarity of mind 2. Greater emotional control 3. Sense of inner peace and joy. Meditation helps us in every aspect of life be it at work, at home, or with friends. It makes us more effective in everything we do because we can think with more clarity and insight. With meditation, we start creating like instead of reacting to it, or worse it just surviving it.

Part 3 – Preparation for Meditation

When it comes to preparation, there are three main areas.

They are:

– Physical preparation (maintaining a strong, healthy and energetic body)

– Mental preparation (maintaining a calm, focused and gentle mind)

– Environmental preparation (having a clean, quiet, comfortable and safe spot to meditate)

Preparation for meditation is just as important as the actual practice itself and requires our attention throughout the entire day, not just the minutes leading up. In fact, preparation in a sense is its own full-time practice that we must all develop and cultivate.

Part 4 – How to Meditate

After we understand the idea of meditation, its benefits, and how to prepare our mind and body, we can begin our meditation.

In meditation, the process is clear and simple.

Find a comfortable position, back straight, shoulders slightly rolled back. Find complete stillness of the body, no scratching, itching, rubbing, twitching, leaning. Bring stillness to the eyes, slow down the flickering, darting and moving of the eyes. Observe the breath and allow it to slow down, deepen and lengthen. When the mind wanders, gently bring it back to the breath. Enjoy!

When we incorporate meditation into our daily routine, it brings much clarity to our mind, much sharpness to our senses, much effectiveness to our everyday tasks and much peace and joy to our natural state.

Part 5 – Managing the Difficulties of Meditation

Sometimes we have the motivation and good intention to practice meditation. But when we finally allocate some time to sit, we are dealt with some inconvenient challenges and obstacles that make it difficult to meditate.

I'd like to discuss four of the most comment difficulties in meditation and how we can manage them when they arise.

They are:

Pain and soreness Drowsiness and tiredness Lack of focus and a wandering mind No free time to meditate!

When we learn to deal with these four main difficulties, meditation becomes much more pleasant and enjoyable which helps us make faster and more meaningful progress.

More to come…

I will be posting videos on:

– Part 6: Concentration Meditation

– Part 7: Mindfulness Meditation

– Part 8: Gratitude Meditation

– Part 9: Vipassana Meditation

– Part 10: Loving-Kindness Meditation

– Part 11: The Ultimate State of Meditation

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