Hike Your Own Trail

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Now we all know hiking is awesome! It’s becoming more and more popular each year which is just great news. This is mainly due to (pretend to get sick in your mouth) social media… Sorry I had to hold down the sick, but it’s a fact of life and a generation, people see an Instagram post of someone walking a trail and want to go to that spot too.

Now, this is fantastic! But also it kinda sucks, rather than just packing a bag and heading off into the hills or getting out and map and pointing to an area on sed map and going on an adventure people just copy Instagrammers and (sick in mouth again) influencers… Again holding back the sick.

So yes get out there explore the world but you should always… hike your own trail…


Abbie Barnes | Song Thrush Productions

Anglesey & Wales Walking Holidays

Kirsteen Allison

Cumbria Way Walk


Outdoor Vancouver


Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Shaun Johnson
Editor(s): Shayn Johnson

Takoyaki Promenade – https://youtu.be/JCAsOkBgq0E
Embrace – https://youtu.be/ysHHsokWGtQ
Artist: Mommy – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgpFuj9pEVn

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