How do you “hack” your lack of motivation?

Posted this same question on r/depression and thought posting here would be helpful too. I'm very into fitness and parkour and realize my on and off depression may have something to do with me not reaching my goals. I can get very in the zone when I'm doing well and can stay fairly consistent with working out and training. But when depression hits, these things don't bring me joy and I lose my drive for improvement. There even comes a point where I'll train/workout when I don't want to and instead of feeling invigorated at the end, I end up feeling either mentally drained or angry.

Depressed or not, have any of you found creative ways to keep going even when you don't feel like it? I want to keep putting in the work even when it doesn't bring me joy so that I can reap the benefits of improvement once my happy days are back.

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