How Medical Solutions Plus Solved Piedmont Healthcare’s Staffing Challenges

Piedmont Healthcare is one of Atlanta’s largest healthcare systems with more than 5,000 medical professionals on staff, eight hospitals, and roughly $2.9 billion in revenue. Led by its flagship facility, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is a 488-bed acute tertiary care facility specializing in heart health, transplant services, and cancer care.

The Challenge 

In 2011, Piedmont Healthcare worked with several staffing agencies, but they still had difficulty finding the clinicians they needed. Additionally, across agencies, there were inconsistent procedures, rising costs, and a cumbersome hiring process—all of which affected patient care.

“My primary motivation was standardizing processes and frankly, making my work easier,” recalls Kelly Hulsey, MSN, BSN, RN, CCRN, who was Piedmont’s staffing director at the time.

The Solution

Then, in 2012, Kelly and her team chose Medical Solutions Plus, a leading managed service provider, to help manage its contingent workforce. Medical Solutions Plus quickly stepped in to help Piedmont with a variety of administrative tasks, such as recruitment, credentialing, onboarding, orientation, and timekeeping. The MSP also handled all staffing agency communication, which included creating one standardized contract and consolidating all agency billing to one invoice.

According to Kelly, Medical Solutions Plus more than delivered.

“I could not be more pleased with the quality of staff provided to us by our MSP,” says Kelly. “The same goes for customer service. It has exceeded my expectations in almost every way.”

The Result

With a more streamlined process in place, the healthcare system gained efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced the level of patient care by finding ideal contingent clinicians. Moreover, Medical Solutions Plus protected Piedmont’s reputation when the team discovered and corrected approximately 50 Joint Commission violations in the initial audit. Later on, Medical Solutions Plus also provided additional contingent staff during Piedmont’s transition to an EMR system. By successfully addressing these challenges, Medical Solutions Plus built a relationship of mutual trust and respect with Piedmont’s staff.

“Medical Solutions Plus has truly partnered with Piedmont Healthcare,” says Kelly. “They are so much more than a vendor. Our client representative anticipates our needs, facilitates movement of staff between facilities whenever possible to decrease orientation costs, and helps us make a seamless conversion when we have a Traveler who’s the perfect fit to go permanent.”

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