I desperately need help with weight loss motivation. I lost 40 lbs 2 years ago and have spiralled even worse now and am at my heaviest weight ever. F/5’7”/245lbs.

As the title says I feel trapped. I was thin in high school and played many sports. Once I left the weight crept on, but didn’t skyrocket until I had to move in with my in laws. Then it exploded, I was depressed and without direction. I now live with my husband in the same house but my in laws have left. Almost everything is the exact same as when they were here. I feel completely lost. I’ve bought multiple gym memberships at multiple facilities but I never go.

I just joined a gym last week that I really like; quiet, not far from me, private. There was an error when we signed up with the card machine and we were supposed to return the next day to receive our passes. I never went back.

I have a lot of issues with myself that I wish I could change and 90% of them surround my diet and exercise habits. I drink between 1-3 sodas per day. If I go for too long without one my mouth feels completely dry. I honestly don’t drink water at all. I always buy breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner. Despite this I still have a happy disposition, a good relationship with a very supportive spouse.

I don’t know how to help myself out of this mess or what steps I can take to even get myself back on track?

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