i dont have any motivation to do anything

currently now, i am unemployed and i dont do anything. i dont leave the house unless it’s completely necessary, even then i sometimes dont go. i have medication that i need to get from my doctor but i get so nervous on the phone so im just leaving it. i cant even bring myself to write applications for jobs because it takes up too much brain power to do it. i spend my day in bed mostly, only to leave it for toilet breaks and food. i dont know what i want to do with my life since everything bores me. i only speak to my boyfriend and my mum and stepdad who i live with. i very rarely wash myself. i dropped out of university because i couldnt get to my classes and i couldnt handle the stress of assignments. i dont really know what i should do and whether im depressed or just lazy. am i depressed? ive been diagnosed with bpd but i dont really believe that i suffer from it. and even if i am depressed what can i even do with my life when im taking so much time out to mope around. the longer im unemployed, the harder it will be for me to get a job. ive spent my time getting therapy and being in mental hospitals before but obviously this hasnt really worked and where im from it will take probably over a year for me to even receive any form of treatment unless i attempt suicide. im just kinda lost in what i should even do. i dont want to kill myself because of my boyfriend but tbh if we weren’t together i probably would have done it already. does anyone have any advice that they could give me? (im from the UK)

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