I feel empty during my days off

During the school week, I feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed so I'm usually very excited about the weekend. The problem is that I often feel very empty during my days off and am unable to feel happy. On days when I have no one to talk to or nowhere to go, I usually will play video games or watch youtube for hours. Often (I don't really know why), I feel extremely empty, low-energy, and can't find pleasure in anything I do. If I can't enjoy doing what I want then, what's the point of anything. For some reason, I feel really cold during these types of days and being in bed makes me feel ill. I wish I were sad, I wish I felt anything, I feel hallow and everything seems pointless. The notion of going outside, talking to someone, trying something new, drawing, or doing homework comes to mind when I think of ways to deal with this feeling but I can't seem to find the motivation to do any of those things. Can any of you please help me understand this feeling or tell anyways I can deal with it?

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