I feel like I have every mental illness

I have gone to my doctor and been prescribed anxiety and depression medication but never have taken it, I have also had my therapist tell me I meet the criteria for ADHD. So I thought I had all of these things co morbid. but then I started thinking well I meet the criteria for OCD and for other disorders so do I have those. then I was convinced I have pmdd but then I was like no it’s bi polar disorder and my depression was really bad for a couple weeks and I started to randomly feel better (like I could take on the world) and I am freaking out because I was like oh I must be manic now, and I don’t know what to do because I feel like everything is falling apart I don’t know what’s wrong with me. If I feel like I have a purpose in this world that is great does that mean I have grandiosity ? does the motivation I get euphoria ? do I just have a personality disorder. I sound crazy but i’m just scared I don’t want any of these things but i fit a lot of the bi polar symptoms and I don’t know for sure also i’m 18 and my “depression and anxiety didn’t get bad until this last year.

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