I feel like I want to sink through the floor, and just stop existing

Over the past 7 months, I've been continuously spiraling downward with no end in sight. I'm at the point where I sometimes feel like my legs are going to give way, not because they're weak, but because I just don't have the motivation to stand anymore. I know I'm going to continue to get worse, and I know I'm not going to achieve the things I've always wanted to do.

The only reason I don't give up and save myself the trouble is because there are still people who haven't given up on me, and they think I can still be something great. They care about me a lot, and I'm stuck waiting for them to give up on me, so I can give up on myself without hurting anyone. I've lived a decent life, and I'm lucky to have had this chance, I'm just ashamed it was wasted on someone like me.

Nothing's going to happen to me any time soon, as I still have friends and family who care about me. Once they're gone, I'll let go

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