I found a fitness goal that I actually stick with, and does t leave me discouraged!

I struggle with food. Junk food household. I've tried for months to get my eating under control. It was making me miserable. For a while I just gave up. Seeing people actually lose weight made me depressed.

I tried working out instead, but that did the same thing. I would be too tired to get out, or it would only be an hour when I spent the entire day literally laying on a couch. Again depression set in.

I thought it was hopeless and I was doomed. Until last week anyway. I finally found a goal I want to reach. I live in the foothills with very, very steep hills. One of those hills leads to a canyon of sorts. I also walk my neighbor's dog every other day.

I decided to hike up to the canyon. It's about a 30 minute walk at a fairly steep incline. I took the dog with me as motivation. When I just couldn't do it, the dog would pull on his leash and tug me up. (Also giving me a bit of a breather – less work getting up the hill with him taking some of the weight. He loves it).

When I first started I couldn't make it through the neighborhood that leads to the canyon without stopping several times. After a week I can now make it to the road that is the start of the canyon road. It's about halfway up. By the time I get there I'm panting, but still. After a rest I can make it about halfway up the canyon road.

I've now made it my goal to be able to hike up that road without stopping, and without the dog tugging me up. I'm actually loving it. The area is beautiful, the view is amazing, and on the way home I can roam through the brush and trees, taking the deer paths home. The dog loves it as well.

I finally, finally may have found something that I can do. I still sit on the couch all day, and I only walk the dog every other day, but it's a start. On my off days I'm trying to ride my bike around to explore as well.

I doubt I'll lose weight with all my sitting, but it's a step. Maybe it will help my stamina. I'm actually excited to get out instead of dreading it!

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