I got out of severe depression by myself

I’m gonna make this as clear and simple as possible:

Before: I didn’t wanna eat food (lost a lot of weight) everything tasted just meh and I never got hungry. I thought about suicide every single day. Different ways of doing it etc. Self harm. Frequently crying etc.

I don’t deal with any of that anymore. I do get down but not to those levels of depression.

My remedies: I wrote inspiring messages for myself on my phone. I wrote motivation letters to myself telling me I shouldn’t give up and those who treated me poorly are shit people and how I deserve to be happy, etc.

I made new friends – there are apps for that. I pretended I was happy with them at first (a part of me was cause I was alone) and they felt happy in return which made me genuinely happy.

I spent more time with my cat who doesn’t judge me and makes me feel loved and I love her.

I’d force myself to move around and eat food.

I quit listening to depressing songs.

Every time I got a bad thought I would shake it off and focus on other things.

I played video games I enjoy.

I cut contact with all of those who made me feel like shit. Even the slightest.

(The main thing for me was finding new friends that truly helped). Hope this helps someone.

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