I lately noticed how my mental health affected my life

So lately, i lack all motivation which isn't uncommon, normally i would just force myself to do schoolwork or write or whatever. Not very healthy, but i gotta keep my grades up and such. But now I can't even force myself to do schoolwork, to go out, to even get out of bed. I notice it because I haven't seen my friends in weeks and they have been noticing that too. I notice it because my grades have dropped enormously, only my essay grades are just ok, and i notice it because I haven't really left my room for days. I seriously don't know what to do about this because I don't want this to become the norm for me. I'm not allowed to take pills since my mom is against them and my therapy isn't helping as much as usual. I know it seems stupid to go to reddit for this kinda stuff but can anyone please help me get out of this depressive episode.

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