I lurked…and lurked….and lurked…and then I finally started to implement the CICO strategy and moving my ass…Good habits began to stack.

Progress pics! https://imgur.com/a/QxH4AQ2

The first picture was the one that I knew I needed to make a change….Second Picture is me still not doing anything at Christmas, 3rd is July 4th after finally starting to get serious but hitting the first plateau…

Since then, I've quit smoking, I've quit buying beer outside of 1 for a dinner date, I've quit drinking calories, I've quit added sugars.

I've added a golf addiction. I've added vitality. I've added self-confidence that I used to pretend I had. I've added years to my life I can already feel it. I've added motivation to others. I've added those looks from strangers. I've added those looks again from my wife šŸ™‚

Thank you r/loseit!

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