I think i traumatized myself more than i thought as a kid

When i was a kid i used to go to a site called bestgore alot, beheading videos, shootings, that kind of stuff, dont know if the site is still up, i stopped going to the site at around 17 years old, because i had actually met someone i cared about, and for the past couple of years i actually cant get this one specific video out of my head where a guy walks up to this couple anf shoots the wife in the head, he had no motivation, he just did it, in an instant the love of that mans life was taken from him, and its been constantly serving as a reminder that one day the same thing could happen to me, that one day my wife could just be murdered right in front of my eyes with no actual reason behind it, it terrifies me every single day, i know she will die eventually and so will i, but for a man to have that kind of thing taken from him so early, even for the same to happen to a woman, its really fucking hard not to think about when i lie awake at night in fear that the next day may be the last day i see my wife, i hate it, and i wish for these reminders to stop so i can just live in the moment and enjoy my life as it is now, i dont want to be afraid anymore

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