i want to dropout.

I’ve completely lost motivation to go to school. Idk if it’s just senioritis or that I’m in a shitty place right now and struggling with my mental heath. I just can’t do anything for myself anymore. But I’m actually trying to graduate, but’s it been difficult because I can’t bring myself to even go to school and attendance is really important. It went from once a month to missing weekly. I know it’s bad, but I really can’t bring myself to commit to school anymore. It’s honestly really draining and I’m exhausted.

I started off with a positive attitude, telling myself I was going to do good this year after coming up from bad marks and lacking. But now I can’t even push myself to get dressed and go to school. I’d get dressed just to stay home, telling my parents I’m sick. I know it’s bad, but I need motivation to finish this semester.

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