iCarly Season 1 Episode 5 Review: iRobot Wedding

Carly and the gang attended a wedding of one of Carly’s biggest nemeses — Nevel Papperman.

Carly got suspicious of the wedding quickly, and the resulting antics end up creating quite a few laughs.

Meanwhile, Harper and Spencer try to get the phone numbers of as many people as possible while at the wedding.

Carly and Freddie Dancing - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

iCarly Season 1 Episode 5 can only be classified as one word — weird.

Luckily, not weird in a bad way.

Quite the contrary, because the weirdness of the episode, including but not limited to a supposed robotic lady, created some laugh-out-loud moments of comedy.

Although the story’s outlandish trajectory got a bit messy, the jokes landed, and the production design shined.

Carly Wedding Dress - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

The first thing that stood out in the episode was the incredible costumes.

The robot-themed wedding lent well to plenty of creativity, and everyone’s outfit looked stunning.

Carly’s dress (then, wedding dress — more on that later), Freddie’s robot suit, Harpers dress, and Spencer’s Daft-Punk style outfit all made an already humorous half-hour better.

The set design throughout the event also amplified the creativity and gave everything a very cyberpunk/science fiction feel.

The plot also focused on robots, but not in any usual way. Carly suspected that Nevel’s bride WAS a robot.

Nevel and Prunella - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

Of course, this ended up not being accurate, but proving the robot theory became Carly’s whole motivation.

She threw magnets at the woman, made sure to help her use the restroom to check her anatomy, and more. Carly needed to know the truth.

Her motivations for WHY she needed the truth could not have been more confusing.

She either wanted to ruin Nevel’s day because of their past, or there may have been some underlying jealousy that he had happiness when she didn’t.

She eventually exposed that the wedding was fake, and the only reason it was happening was to trick Carly into marrying Nevel instead.

Nevel Acting Evil - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

Nevel revealed this plan when he turned Carly’s cute bridesmaid’s dress into a beautiful wedding gown (using some robotic features on her dress, keeping on the theme).

Prunella ended up falling in love with him (and yes, she’s human), so when Carly vocally said no to his wedding ideas, the traditional wedding went on.

We got to see a side to Carly that’s relatively new — the jealous mean side.

She played the role of a mean girl throughout the whole episode, trying to prove that things were fishy.

Of course, things ended up being fishy, but she had no proof beforehand.

Carly Wedding Look - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

She accused Prunella of having something wrong with her because she liked Nevel and because Carly thought she’s too good for him.

This unseen side to Carly stems from her recent relationship failures, and it did not look good for her character.

However, it looked pretty good for the show, proving that the revival can handle adult situations and more complex feelings.

The adult themes and messages are coming through loud and clear now, and the pain caused by failed adult relationships took center stage — both through Carly’s relationship issues and Freddie’s past.

Millicent spent the whole episode trying to protect Freddie from falling in love and getting hurt.

Millicent at Wedding - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

Freddie’s track record with women has been no secret, as revealed during our interview with Nathan Kress.

Millicent, although initially revealing meaner emotions, tried to protect him from another failed relationship.

At the heart of things, she cares for her father and wants to make sure they can live happy lives.

Freddie and Millicent’s heart-to-heart moment, at the end, made me almost tear up because her true intentions were revealed, and so were his.

They both genuinely love each other, and even though she feels she needs to protect her father, he made sure he’ll always be the one protecting her.

Freddie at Wedding - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

Freddie’s emotional journey (on and off-screen) has not been easy, and taking care of his step-daughter has become a large part of that.

A different side of the relationship and dating world featured at the wedding — hook-up culture.

Harper and Spencer bet that whoever could get the most phone numbers at the wedding could plan a terrible date for the loser.

Weddings are notoriously famous for being places where people find dates or leave with someone to hook up, and the bet grew out of the usual hookup culture discussion.

Luckily, the execution ended up being hilarious, having both Harper and Spencer embarrass themselves in front of multiple people.

Robot Harper and Spencer - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

Seeing old characters from the original show is really a treat and Nevel Papperman was no exception.

Reed Alexander returned to play his antagonistic character, and we could not have been more excited to see him.

Having been in around seven episodes of the original iCarly season, he is memorable due to his strong feelings toward Carly Shay.

Now that we’ve seen the return of Nora Dershlit, Nevel Papperman, and Marissa Benson (Freddie’s mom), we’re excited to see what other recurring characters might return for the remainder of the reboot.

Do you want to see any other original character return? Let us know!

Freddie Full Outfit - iCarly Season 1 Episode 5

So, iCarly fanatics, how did you like iRobot Wedding?

Did you enjoy seeing Nevel again?

Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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