Im ready to walk on the path to spirituality but i don’t know where to start

I feel stuck between who I am and who I want to be. How I feel and how I want to feel. Where I am and where I want to go. It isn't a matter of money but some sort of internal confliction or hesitation. I don't know what i want to be but I do know how it should feel and I'm far from it. I don't have the motivation to work out anymore. My mind is dull and I feel as if I do the same thing every single day and Im a robot. The only time i feel alive is when I walk my dog. It's then that I can appreciate nature and really notice it's beauty. I want to feel like that more and I want to gain confidence and be the best me but I think too much and it makes it very difficult for me to act on a decision and stick with it. Where do i start? What do I need to know? Is simply changing what I do enough?

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