Is it unhealthy to get better out of spite?

Anger and revenge and jealousy are my main motivators. I can't get better for me. Whenever I get in that mindset, I just get lazy and find a couch with some snacks. But when I think about how my ex and I ended things. Who is with now. What lies he has been telling his family and friends about me- that's when I really get motivated to work out. One day we will run into eachother and I'm going to be great. And hopefully by that point (whenever that may be) I won't care how he is. It won't bother me that he is with someone else, or that he treats her better than he treated me. The motivation still focuses around my ex. And his opinion of me. Which is why I'm pretty sure getting better out of spite might be counter productive. But for right now, it's the only thing getting my ass out of bed

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