Is kickboxing the correct choice for a tall skinny guy

So I'm 5'11 weighing 140 pounds, very very long arms and legs (picture Sean O'Malley with longer arms). I joined kickboxing classes a couple weeks ago after taking quite an interest in MMA, as well as trying to consume a lot more calories and protein but im worried I'm losing weight as well as gaining strength.

My actual weight hasn't changed and I have very little body fat.

I chose kickboxing because I seem so naturally good at it because of reach, long legs and flexibility but it's a hell of a workout in terms of cardio too and someone told me I'm looking thinner (in a worried kinda way) which has made me real paranoid that I'm losing weight even though I've added at least 800 calories to my daily diet including mass gainers with full fat milk, Greek yoghurt and buttered toast before bed on top of my standard diet.

I've been training 6 times now and people have noticed my arm muscles are bigger already but I don't want to lose weight, my friends and family always mention to me that I need to gain weight and it's put a real downer on my motivation 🙁

Any advice or similar stories are greatly appreciated

EDIT – I'm 24 years old

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