I’ve been losing touch and I think my fiancé is there to bring it back.

Lately, I noticed I've been focusing too much on conspiracy theories like the Great Reset and how we're all screwed and going to be locked down by the elite. I keep annoying my fiance each time I get in this mood who always tells me to stop worrying about it. I sometime get mad at her for "Not seeing what's happening and how we're all being deceived. This is the final stand for our freedom." She tells me she knows we're all being lied to and how it has always happened. I then take a step back and realize, she is completely right. She isn't ignorant, she just doesn't care about something she can't really control. She always tells me everything will be alright (I have some pretty bad anxiety which I don't even want to accept I have). She has been right, pretty much everytime.

I have everything in my life yet I keep worrying about money. I even built a business with my fiancé during covid and earned a pretty penny but now it's not making money and I really have no motivation to keep trying different things, this brings more anxieties to my life and I think I should just drop it and live in the moment. My job is good enough for now.

I need to go learn how to meditate. I am ready to bring back my spiritual side. I still see daily synchronicities (which have probabilities of one in like am million), hoping that it means I am still on the right path, but there is a lot of work to be done.

I actually watched a Terence McKenna speech last night before bed, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WXroiXWfcI&ab_channel=AfterSkool

Then I had a dream that an entity/surgeon cut my skull open, did something in my brain to make me "smarter."

I feel like I am all over the place. Thanks for reading. Love this subreddit! 🙂

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