I’ve been struggling academically.

I just turned 16, and I feel like my life couldn't be worse. I was looking back over my artwork from 5th grade and realized I could never even dream of recreating some of the things I made at the time. Its kinda like I peaked in late elementary school: I could read thick books from cover to cover (I read a tale of two cities in 4th grade and some other boring books that couldn't peak my interest), I could code complicated games (at one time I coded a really shitty 600 line mess of a game and later I created complicated mini-games in some framework that runs on Lua). By 4th grade, I had learned math past a 7th-grade level just on my own time. I could also draw really cool photorealistic images, although they weren't perfect, I couldn't imagine creating something like that now. And in 4th grade, I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube in 40 seconds. Now my parents took me out of school to homeschool because I had 4 Ds. I feel like such a dumbass now, and it seems like the older I got the harder it was to focus on my schoolwork, and the more I struggled. It's not that I was even smart then, I just had this insane motivation for life and for learning that I haven't been able to experience for a long time. Any help?

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