I’ve entered the void. What is there to do now?

28 y/o.. been through multiple jobs. Was never able to find a footing in life or felt like I was on any meaningful path. College was an exception because I at least had an illusion of accomplishing something. I'm sleepwalking through life with my head in the clouds constantly. Don't know what to do. Seems like a lucid dream with no meaning. I have children now and although I do love them, I worry that I have nothing to offer them as they grow up in this world. What is the point? I'm struggling to find the motivation any more. Life feels too long. Wish I could find a sense of purpose again, but I honestly don't know what that would look like. This has been a steady decline for years now. I feel my ability to function declines every day. How does one climb out of a hole like this?

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