Just the beginning of my journey (with a little help)

So I usually just read what other people say on here but I feel like I need some motivation and to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. 9 months ago I hit my breaking point (although not at my highest weight) when after attempting all sorts of things to lose fat on my own I did some research and decided I'm gonna try to go on orlistat. I was 112kg (246 lb) and I've tried and given up on loads of diets and exercise plans. The side effects at the beginning even with me thinking I'm lowering my intake of fats considerably were pretty bad, not gonna lie. I think most people just give up on it early on because of those (google them and be horrified!).

However I braved through that and adjusted my intake accordingly. I didn't do much exercise in the first few months but orlistat and my monthly weigh ins at the doctor have kept me in check. There is a certain pressure knowing that if i don't lose enough every month, they might not give me the prescription and while I'm planning to go off it at some point i wasn't about to ruin the progress in making so early on.

9 months later, I've lost 19 kg (I'm sitting at 93 kg now – or 205 lb for the imperials amongst us). And I'm not about to stop now. I'm excited and i can't wait to get in the green part of the scale. Now I'm hooked on box vr (although i do it badly) and i wanna lose more!

It's a funny medication. It's like someone constantly watching you and slapping you if you eat bad (fat) food. I'm not saying it's for everyone but it definitely is doing it for me.

My aim is to get to 60kg and while i know i have a long road in front of me, I'm excited for what it entails.

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