Keep fighting, dreaming, succeeding

So, why this post? I felt like I need some motivation to succeed in my dreams. I come from a pretty low end family. No good connection with my parents, brother and sister are drug addicted, never learned how to come up for myself. Walking around frustrated every day, No faith in humanity… You can guess: hated life for a long time, but was lucky enough to have good friends around me.

I'm 25 now, fought every single day in my life to feel happy, feel appreciated, be like the 'normal' kids. Searched for stabilization in my life but it was always a chaos. But Despite it all, I kept going.

And today, I'm just going to say: FUCK IT ALL. Despite all the misery that I had to go trough, I have graduated with a bachelor degree, worked my ass off to fund my education. But I made it! I live in an appartment, not the best, but hey… I have my own safe environment, something quiet, drama-free. I work a good paying job as a psychiatric nurse (oh the irony) and probably make more than my sister and brother combined, I do love them but I'm the only one of the family that is doing well for himself. So why waste my time overthinking everything. Why focus so hard on getting happy?

I'm going to let things go, focus more on sport, focus furthermore on education so I can get my master degree. Focus on non-toxic people and going to enjoy the little but nice things like nature, peacefull music,…

I can do this, I have to. No failure allowed

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