Kim Kardashian West Tells Her Kids “Every Time I Have a Prison Visit”

So Kim Kardashian West is going to be a lawyer — you knew that, right? No? Well we can’t blame you if you missed the reality TV/IG/life megastar’s foray into Elle Woods territory. She’s certainly endured much of the same sort of side-eye that was aimed towards Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde character; Twitter users even called Kardashian West’s comments about law school “insulting” (although to be fair, Kim did tell Vogue that she “can do crim law in my sleeep,” which, sure Kimmie, whatever you say.) But whether or not you were up on her adventures and misadventures into the U.S. legal system, did you know she was keeping her kids apprised every step of the way, prison trips and all? Neither did we.

“Every time I have a prison visit, I explain to them why I’m going and what I’m doing, and they understand,” Kim told Us Weekly while promoting her Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project documentary with Oxygen. “I love talking about it with everyone around me when there’s a case going on.”

Her reasoning behind the transparency with her little ones? “It shows my kids how motivated I am,” she explained. We certainly don’t doubt Kim’s motivation — in law school, cosmetics, or whatever the hell else she decides to set her mind to.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added that her law school journey has been eye-opening, as well as somewhat all-consuming. “I literally had to change my number and just say, ‘I got to focus for four years. Guys, I’ll be back in four years. Let me just really focus,’” she told US. “My interests have changed. Everything has really just shifted, and it’s been a fun journey.”

Fun and also, it sounds like, quite meaningful: CNN reported last May that Kardashian West had helped commute life-sentences for 17 first-time nonviolent drug offenders (aka people who really, really obviously should not be in prison in the first place, are you listening America? But we digress).

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Morning Madness

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Honestly, more power to her. Plenty of folks — on Twitter and otherwise — will continue to troll Kim for her seemingly strange rich-lady-goes-to-law-school-for-funsies look, but if she’s truly helping people, which it sure sounds like she is, that’s a pretty fantastic example to be setting for her kids. They’ll troll her for her law degree; they’ll troll her for her Instagram breakfast photos starring kids on the table. Whatever. She’s Kim; she’s got better shit to do than care about haters.

Tune in to Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project on Oxygen on Sunday, April 5, to see Kim’s work with four prison inmates and their families and lawyers.

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Smart video calling from @PortalfromFacebook means @Jlo can help me study for law school from the other side of the country, even if she has some distractions on her end… looking at you @Arod! #FeelThere #PortalPartner

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And hey, at least she’s got rad buddies like J.Lo to help with her law homework. If only we could say the same.

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