Lastest Animal Movitational Art By Artist Kate Allan

Kate Allan is an artist who takes uplifting and motivational quotes to another level! With her beautiful animal illustrations, and a strong message to with alongside it — Kate is the Instagram Queen of positivity. 

If you’re in need of a daily dose of motivation, or any sort of pick-me-up, Instagram page @TheLastestKate is what you need. And let’s be honest with ourselves, who doesn’t need a pick-me-up these days? 

1. Cat - There's no need to be hard on yourself. The Latest + Kate You're taking care of yourself, and you're doing fine. 2. Text - I don't really know how to fix anything, but I can take small steps forward until 1 am in a better place. The Latest Kate 3. Text - Hey, it's rough out there. It's time to go a bit easier on yourself. TheLatestKate 4. Bird - WE ARE ALL IN THIS DARKNESS TOGETHER. WE WILL FIND A WAY THROUGH. TheLatestKate 5. Cartoon - i am a work in progress, and that is ok망 The Latest Kate 6. Text - it's okay to accept that you're unwell today The Latest Kate 7. Cat - ANKIETY UES you've got today HANDLED The Laest Kate 8. Cartoon - You don't have to be perfect to be lovable. The Latest Kate 9. Cartoon - That voice inside that says you're too vulnerable and weak must not really know You at all. All I can see Latest Kate, is resilience and tenacity. 10. Text - your strnggle now doesn't negate the accomplishment of how far you've come the Latest Kate 11. Pink - You are doing enough. It's going to be okay. TheLatestKate 12. Illustration - Today may look intimidating, but it hasn't faced YOU yet. the. Latest Kate 13. Text - though you may not feel it, the truth is you have been good enough" oll atong the Latest Kate 14. Text - AQ Hey, you enough are as you are today. You don't need to prove anything. The Latest Kate 15. Text - You don't have to always be advancing your life forward; The Latest Kate some days you just gotta chill. 16. German shepherd dog - Even though they may not express it to you, people are grateful you're in the world. The Latest Kate 17. Cat - Today may be hard, but tomorrow will come. And you never have to do TODAY the Latest Kate 2 again. 18. Sea turtle - You are not lost, afloat. People care about you, and you have a lot of cool sh*t left to do. The Latest Kate 19. Illustration - It feels hard because it IS hard. The Latest Kate Please go a little easier on yourself. 20. Cat - Feeling down doesn't mean you're ungrateful, or bad at being happy. It means shit's rough, and it's time to be a lot kinder towards The Latest Kate yourself. 21. Cartoon - you have a "lot of good to contribute, you even if the Latest Kate strange are and shy 22. Hummingbird - your Pefforts Matter even when it feels like theyre not getting you far The Latest Kate 23. Text - I may not know where I am headed, but I can be proud of what I am The Latest Kate choosing to leave behind. 24. Whiskers - I don't need to know five steps ahead, I just need to take care of today. the Lalest Kate 25. Text - This feeling will pass. You're not štuck here forever. The Latest Kate 26. Sail - It's okay if you're not where you want to be yet; it's already impressive how far you've you've The Lutest Kate COME. 27. Dinosaur - you don't need to prové your place here The Latest Kate you are made of star stuff, toO 28. Text - I know you're like super into hating yourself right now, but in all honesty? You're actually a Fxx*ING DELIGHT The Latese Kate 29. Pink - HEY. YOU MATTER. THANKS FOR EXISTING. The Latest Kate 30. Red - we're going to make it through okay The Latest Kate 23

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