Letter to my readers

I struggled since childhood with night terrors, about death as an eternal void. My csreer as aging scientist helped me to crack that open, then gain insight through meditation practice.

Fear is not helpful. It is the worst motivation for life extension. Joyful living is the best. Fear is just a chenical programmed by evolution to get us through crises. No use in the long haul.

3 weeks ago, I was riding my bicycle, not paying good attention. A truck going the opposite way pulled into my lane to pass. I struck it head-on, and flew over the truck.

Moments later, I was lying on the ground, bleeding internally and externally many places. I was perhaps 1 hour away from bleeding to death. There was no fear. I had a premonition I would not die, but would endure a long and painful recovery. I think I am done with fear of death.

I have had 5 hi tech surgeries those first 2 weeks. Expert surgeons who also gained my trust as humans.

My vital systems were unharmed: heart, lungs, liver, digestion, spine, CNS, brain. All intact. My legs were shredded, also bad pelvic fracture. This is precisely where Western medicine shines.

They are talking about full recovery. I am surrounded by loving friends and family.

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