Letting Go of Being a Victim

I said that to move forward to victory (winning in your
life), you have to let go of your old story about being a victim. 
So just how do you do that?

The actual process is so simple it’s shocking.  Yet for many
people, that process can take years or decades.  (It took me
almost a decade.)  Why?

Because we focus on what we desire (becoming a victor in
whatever area we’re seeking success or happiness in), but don’t
take the time to understand that intrinsic motivation that was
holding us back to begin with.

Meaning the “payoff” you get from being a victim… 

Believing you are a victim can justify subconscious programming
you have that you’re not worthy.  Or it can bring you attention
and sympathy that you’re not ready to give up.  Being a victim
might make you feel noble or spiritual; the little guy (or gal)
fighting the forces of evil.

Of course, all of those payoffs aren’t actually payoffs. 
They’re a self-created prison cell.  Until you decide you
deserve a better payoff.  How you doing on this?

– RG

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