Life insurance agents, I need your help!

Hello. I'm taking a course on marketing research. As part of the class, I'm working on a project on the life insurance policy purchasing habits of 18-20-year-old customers. Before my questionnaire can go live, I need to pretest my questions for validity. I was hoping you folks could give me a hand with the pretest. If you have sold a life policy to an 18-20-year-old customer, please think about your most recent customer in that demographic.

My questions:

1.) Was the customer male or female?

2.) Was the customer 18, 19, or 20?

3.) What was the amount of the policy?

4.) Was the policy employer-sponsored?

5.) Did the customer state their motivation(s) for purchasing the policy? If so, what was their motivation? (Examples: Wanted to provide for his/her dependents in the event of his/her death / Wanted to help pay for his/her own burial expenses / Wanted to lock in a low lifetime rate while he/she was still young / Was part of his/her retirement planning strategy)

I deeply appreciate your assistance! Have a great day!

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