Losing weight is simple and easy, maintaining willpower and motivation can be very difficult.

A year ago I was at my lowest weight in a long time around 140. Over the course of the year, I got comfortable in a relationship, turned 21 so I started consuming more alcohol, and a very close family member died and I became severely depressed. I stepped on the scale a couple months ago and now I’m 190ish pounds. I’d like to say I don’t know how this happened, but I do. I made poor choices. I ate out too often. I used food as a coping mechanism. I drank too much. I was rarely active.

Now moving forward I know exactly what to do. Cut to 1200 calories a day and go for a nice walk every once in a while. That’s easy, or at least the concept is.

The hard part is actually doing it. I, like many of you, have an emotional eating problem, a boredom eating problem, and frankly a near addiction to food. I turn to food for everything. Even when I know I’m not hungry I’ll eat because it simply sounds good. When I’m eating and I can tell I’m getting full, I continue to eat because it tastes good. This is something I know I need to overcome in order to succeed (any advice would be helpful!!).

Today I was looking through pictures on my phone of me from last summer. I was hot. But not only that, I felt great and I was truly happy. I post today for accountability. I want my experience to be out there, acknowledged or not, I am telling my story. I promise you, and more importantly myself, this: my story will not end with me being 190 pounds and miserable. I will be comfortable and confident in my own skin again.

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