Lost and overwhelmed

Severe anxiety 24/7

Over the last year, my mental health has deteriorated. The combination of self image issues, weed dependency, and pandemic isolation, has caused my anxiety to become almost unbearable. I even get anxious around the people I’m most comfortable with including my family and best friend. When I’m talking to someone, I start to feel more aware of every little thing I say and do. If I’m talking, I start overthinking every single word and sometimes lose my train of thought. When someone is talking to me, I become hyper sensitive and insecure about everything. I start thinking about the way I’m sitting, where my eyes are looking, the shape of my mouth. It’s exhausting. Anytime I try to change something about my situation like quitting weed, I lose motivation and go back to the same situation. I just feel mentally drained and don’t know what to do.

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