Lost something… It wasn’t weight.



I dunno. Last month I officially passed my one year date for starting to lose weight. It was so promising at the start. But at some point I just kinda gave up and haven't been able to get back into it. I'm nowhere remotely close to my 1 year goal.

I really want to lose weight. I want to be healthier so I can play with my kids without hurting my ankles and legs. I want to feel comfortable clothes shopping again. I want to fit into my college hoodie. I want so many things but I can never be persistent enough to get them.

Just feeling like crap about myself and wanted to rant somewhere. /r/loseit has always been so positive and driving, and is honestly the majority of the reason I even got as far as I did. I'd love to hear some stories of overcoming self-defeat, maybe some turning-point moments, maybe some cat pics. If anyone wants to share.

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