Lurkers, stop lurking and get in the game!

For how many subscribers and active users this sub has, there isn't a whole lot of activity. I would guess that it's because a lot of people lurk here to either find some motivation, or because they haven't quite taken the plunge yet. Well, take the plunge! This is a support community, but that works best when you participate.

I mean this to be light hearted, but I really think that posting here, and posting often, is a great accountability tool. I browse this sub on my lunch breaks at work, and it really helps push out the intrusive, "just go buy a cookie" thoughts. I browse it at night when I'm most likely to binge. The thing is, I lurked here for a little while too, but once I started posting, even little comments that hardly anyone read, I boosted my motivation for a little bit. After a while, the bursts of motivation set into routine discipline.

Why not give it a shot?

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