Meet The Team: Wendy Bryan

In this series of articles, we take five minutes to chat with a member of the TeamBonding team so you can get an idea of the sort of people we are. In this installment, we talk to Wendy, our new Director of Event Operations, about her favorite place in the world and the most important things in life.

How long have you been with TeamBonding? 

1 day (We sat down with her early!)

What can’t you live without? 

Working out. It’s my stress reliever; my motivation; my recharge button; my relaxation. Whether it’s Barre, Yoga or Cycle… I love it all!

What is your favorite place in the world to be? 

Tuscany. The landscape, the churches, the vineyards…it is so beautiful and relaxing!

The most important thing in life is: 

Family. When we host a family BBQ we can have as many as 50 people… and that is just my husband’s siblings and their kids!  Our families are amazingly close and we spend a lot of time together!

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? 

All 3 revolve around travel!!

Staying in a hut over the water in Fiji;
Renting a villa for a month in the heart of Tuscany and exploring the vineyards and villages;
Sailing down the Mediterranean on a 14-day cruise through Europe.

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