Michael Myers Gets A Happy Ending In Halloween Kills

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Halloween Kills!

Surprisingly, Michael Myers is the character who gets somewhat of a happy ending in Halloween Kills. David Gordon Green’s latest entry in the slasher series picks up from the events of 2018’s Halloween, which, in turn, was a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original movie. While characters in horror movies don’t often get happy endings per se, there’s usually a figure like a sole survivor or a Final Girl who finds some hope in an otherwise awful situation.

At the end of 2018’s Halloween, the trio of Strode women–Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer), and Allyson (Andi Matichak)–were thought to get the happy ending after seemingly trapping Michael Myers in a fiery inferno. That relief is short-lived since Halloween Kills centers on the fallout following Michael’s escape. He then wreaks havoc around town, encountering a few familiar faces while Laurie is stuck in the hospital. With a mob motivated to end the evil, Allyson emerges as a key figure in taking down Michael after tracking him down in his childhood home. After putting her life on the line, Allyson’s mother, Karen, lures Michael to the awaiting mob, who attempt to beat him to death while Karen finishes him off with a kitchen knife to the back of the neck.

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While Laurie is still in the hospital worried about Michael’s transcendence, Karen and Allyson seem to find hope yet again, believing Michael is finally dead. While still at the old Myers home, Karen walks upstairs to Judith Myers’ former bedroom, where Michael had a tendency to stare aimlessly outside of the window. While doing the same, “The Shape” appears behind her, killing her in a quick twist of fate for the fearless Strode woman. Upon taking one last victim, Halloween Kills ends with Michael staring out of Judith’s old window. It turns out this was Michael’s motivation all along, and by getting what he wants, he’s given the only happy ending.

With Michael’s escape with the help of Dr. Ranbir Sartain (Haluk Bilginer) in 2018’s Halloween, it was presumed the masked killer would want revenge on Laurie. According to Halloween Kills, Michael’s past with Laurie isn’t a driving motivation for his latest killings. Instead, Michael just wants to go home. As Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet) acknowledged, Michael’s killings make a straight line to the old Myers house. Aside from the house’s involvement in the present timeline, Halloween Kills revisits the location with flashbacks from 1978. A young Frank Hawkins (Thomas Mann) and Pete McCabe (Jim Cummings) are the two police officers who follow Michael to the Myers house when the latter reveals the unsettling Michael would always stare out Judith’s window as a child. He must have dreamed of doing so again for four decades later, and he finally gets his wish after several more brutal killings.

Even within retconned Halloween sequels, Michael has never truly received a happy ending up to this point. Sure, he’s escaped or gave hints of survival, but Halloween Kills is the first time he truly succeeds in a personal mission by the end. The conclusion of Green’s trilogy, Halloween Ends, will likely ruin Michael Myers’ happy ending for the long-term by pinning him against the surviving Strodes, Laurie and Allyson. While it’s up to anyone’s guess how the latest trilogy will end, Laurie hinted that she and Michael would both likely need to die for the horror to stop.

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