Monday Motivation – 26th November

Hi everyone,

Craig here and today it gives me great pleasure to welcome another ‘guest star’ to our Monday Motivation emails. This week, Erana Tupaea, shares her thoughts with us. Take it away Erana… 

Hi Guys!

I’m Erana and I work full time at the Tooting Clinic. Originally from NZ, I moved over here two and a half years ago and am absolutely loving London life. In my spare time you’ll find me travelling around Europe, finding the best brunch spots and attending the odd gig or two.

Things that I have been in to at the moment…

1. For the past week I have been doing the Nidra Challenge  set out by one of my good friends Hannah. Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” is a very relaxed guided meditation. The practice of yoga Nidra helps to release fatigue, improve sleep, process emotional extremes and  empty stress. I’ve noticed that I’ve had a very deep and restful sleep, and I wake up feeling more energised – who doesn’t want that?!? Check it out her blog here.

2. I’ve recently rediscovered Up for a Chat. A podcast that explores all aspects of health and wellness from three hilarious ladies that keep things interesting. With over 300 episodes under their belt, there are many things there to inspire. Give it a listen.

3. Vitamin Bs are essential for energy production, mood and brain function and can easily be depleted with excess alcohol, caffeine and stress. With a busy December and a few Christmas parties just around the corner this is the perfect time to start topping up the vitamin B bucket. These can be

Whole grains and legumes – brown rice, lentils
Leafy green Veges – broccoli, spinach
Meat – red meat, fish
Seeds and nuts 

4. And last but not least the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is on at the Natural History Museum. I went last year and can not recommend it enough!

Hope you enjoyed my cameo on Monday Motivation!

Erana x

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