Monday Motivation – August 6th

Hi Folks,

Well, it seems that the truly frightening winter we survived has a pretty major upside – an “endless British Summer”!

Granted this comes with some challenges… staying cool, keeping hydrated and getting a decent night’s sleep when the mercury refuses to drop…  (3 top tips right there!!)

We’re also well into the 2nd half of the year, whaaaaat?!  Yep, it’s real.  Probably not a bad to time check in and see how we’re all doing on our ambitions for 2018 (insert appropriate “gulp”).

Here’s my post from January where I shared my morning routine and some goals for the year.  Let’s see how I’ve done.

Morning routine is pretty much bang on, with a few changes.

I’m currently experimenting with “intermittent fasting” or basically eating within a 12 hour time frame and giving my digestion a rest for half a day.  As a result I don’t really eat breakfast anymore, but make sure to have a big salad for lunch.  I generally feel more energized for most of the day and have enjoyed the sensation of feeling hungry again…

Can easily do 70 push-ups – but then get bored…

Cold showers are still awesome.

This remains my favourite purchase for the past 12 months and definitely helps me get ready to sleep.

I started Tai Chi for 7 weeks and then fell out of the routine.  I enjoyed it at the start (I even did some practice at home!) but then missed a week or two with travel and struggled to catch up.  Consistency people!!  I’m sure I’d be enjoying the benefits now if I’d held the course.

I’ve finished 28 books this year and am on track to read 52… This makes me very happy.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled Instagram about 5 times this year.  I think I have a healthier relationship to it now and mainly use it to keep track of where Craig is cycling.

I think I speak over people a little less, but I would definitely benefit from bringing more mindfulness to this.

How’re you doing?  

Is there anything you’d love to integrate into your life by the end of summer?

By Christmas?

You have time and can still make significant changes with a little planning…

This was a long one, thank you for reading.

Luke Brady x 

P.S. – I was listening to A Humdrum Star by Gogo Penguin as I bashed away at the keyboard and am seeing them at the Royal Albert Hall at the end of the year.

P.P.S. – this quote seems strangely pertinent right about now…

When Dr. Albert Schweitzer was once asked, “What do you think of civilization?” He responded, “I think it would be a very good idea.”

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