Monday Motivation – January 14th

Hi All,

Thanks Luke for an insightful start to the 2019 Monday Motivations. I always forget to look back before planning ahead, thanks for the reminder.

We’ve sold a bunch tickets to our New Year New You session with Ben (aka The Naked Professor), hosted by Lawrence (For Fits Sake). Proceeds from the night are going to a homeless man Ben has been trying to help in Clapham. Ben’s aim is to help you with any resolutions or new behavioural changes / habits you are looking to introduce this year. The event is 7.30pm, on Wednesday, January 23rd. Grab your ticket here – its only a £5.

The Great British swim was completed last year by Ross Edgely. This is a truly amazing and crazy tale of a man swimming for 12 hours a day, for 157 days straight, to do a lap of the UK. He documented it on video with the help of RedBull and I’ve listed to an insightful interview with Rich Rolls.

The podcast especially struck a cord as they discussed the concept that you can’t train for event of that distance. You just have to do it and watch your body adapt, yes, it’s painful, but if you don’t cross the line your body won’t adapt. Thoughts for 2019, are you in the comfort zone or are you attempting to challenge your body so it adapts – doesn’t have to be a crazy event like this swim, maybe just the introduction of a new healthy habit?

How about using all that spin studio time to power up London’s electricity grid? The human energy generated during a 50-minute spin class at Terra Hale’s new gym in West London is converted to utility-grade electricity with every session.

Sorry for another paragraph about people doing impossible, crazy things – but have you guys seen Free Solo, the climbing movie? It’s rock climbing with no ropes on massive rock faces. Alex Honnold is the man, the movie is gripping and out now. Check it out or listen to Lance Armstrong interview him.

I also learned climbing is becoming an Olympic sport in 2020 (mix of speed, bouldering and technical – combined wins)

Thanks all,

Craig McLean

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