Monday Motivation – January 21st

Hi everyone,

Luke here and today it gives me great pleasure to welcome another ‘guest star’ to our Monday Motivation emails. This week, Ami-Bree Said, shares her thoughts with us…

Good morning,

I’m Ami-Bree and I’m a Chiropractor at both Putney and Tooting Chiropractic Clinics. I’m originally from Sydney and moved over to London in 2015 to start my Chiropractic career. When I’m not in clinic, you’ll find me exploring new cities, completing jigsaw puzzles, or eating!

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this Monday morning. Have a great week!

Resolutions… I have to admit I hate the word, and although they’re intended to be a positive influence, there can easily be negative connotations associated with them. If we associate our resolution with stress or failure, we are more likely to shy away from them as our bodies are designed to keep us safe and out of danger. Click here to read more about the psychology behind new year resolutions and why they fail.

Instead of resolutions, I’ve been aiming to build ‘healthy habits’ that I can immediately implement in to my routine. With the recent studies released on climate change, and ways that we can reduce emissions (such as decreasing our consumption of meat and dairy), I have been aiming to incorporate 30 different plant-based foods a week into my diet. While it may seem a lot, I’ve found it’s been a great way to add variety to my diet (instead of relying on go-to staples) and increase my overall nutrients. Give it a try and let me know how you go!

Another healthy habit I’ve introduced is walking to work. Sounds ridiculously simple but it means that I’m getting in, on average, 10,000 more steps a day! I’ve also found it’s a great way to feel more energised by the time I get to work, and to decompress on my way home from work. If it’s too far to walk to work, you can try getting off the tube a stop or two before instead.

January can be a dreary month (especially for us Aussies!), and we can sometimes find ourselves feeling in more of a negative than positive mood. Did you know that the brain tends to focus on the negative as a protective instinct (fight or flight/sympathetic nervous system)? This means we often place more value on the one bad thing that might have occurred in our day, as opposed to the five good things. Click here to read a few tips on how to ‘rewire’ your brain to focus on the positive.

Magnesium: my favourite supplement. Research has shown it can act as a mood-booster (and assist with depression), enhance sleep quality, decrease PMS symptoms, and lower blood pressure – just to name a few!  Read more about what magnesium is, signs and symptoms of deficiency, benefits, and foods that are magnesium-rich.

Ami x

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