Monday Motivation – October 15th

Good morning, good morning…

A lot of you will be gearing up for (another) school break and potentially some travel, books, down-time (or up-time… is that a thing?) and be hyper aware that the end of the year is fast approaching… gulp.

There’s still the best part of 3 months in 2018, plenty of time to make some new habits, try some new things, have adventures and round out the year on a HIGH!

If you’re traveling (or staying in London) check out the Lost In app.  It’s a great little app with great recommendations for lots of cities around the world…

One of my favourite books this year is from a favourite author of mine, Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.  His earlier books Sapiens and Homo Deus are also wonderful.  This guy is able to communicate amazing insights about vastly complex ideas in an easy to digest manner.  I’m already looking forward to a second read!  (Hear a great interview with him by Rich Roll here)

David Hieatt is the founder of Hiut Denim in Wales and the Do Lectures… He had a dream to bring back jean making to Cardigan after the factory closed, leaving 400 people without work.  He’s also a thinker and a writer.  Here are some of his musings on “breakthrough”:

Breakthrough is not one moment.
It is a set of new tools.
It is a set of new habits.
It is a bunch of better techniques.
And putting all those things into a daily practice.
And on days you don’t feel like doing it, you still do it.
That’s when you know you want to Breakthrough.

I found a new gym in Richmond last week, BARCH – No Ego Training.  It’s the brainchild of Will Taylor a former professional rugby player for Ospreys, Scarlets and London Wasps and current Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of London Welsh RFC.  Basically he offers a zero BS approach to circuit training that’s fun and accessible.  I’ll be a regular in no time!!

I love this.

Have a great week,

Luke XX

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