Motivation DRAINED.

I'm 18. Going to University in 18 days to Study Games Art. Been out of school, and left year 13 due to Covid, back in March when schools closed (6ish months).

At the beginning of Lockdown I was really excited to try new things and progress on my art skills for uni. I began skateboarding as a hobby and I started doing art commissions.

The past 2 months. Things turned. Majorly. I haven't become depressed or anything. I'm actually quite happy. However I have become so lazy and lost interest in "growing". I can't be bothered with art now. I haven't really done any art in about 2 months. I struggle to enjoy it. And yes I enjoy skateboarding still. But I can't be bothered to learn any tricks anymore. I've lost all will for it.

I don't know if that's because I'm not inspired, Because I've been so lazy for god damn long, Or if I genuinely have lost interest. Which would be worrying because I'm about to put myself in a shit load of debt for an art degree.

I've tried inspiring myself and nothing hits the same way it did. I wanna know if this is "normal"? If anyone has been in the same position. Idk. I'm just hoping that when I get to uni. This art course will spring me back into life and be the inspiration I need.

I've always said that inspiration comes before motivation. So when people say "I'm never motivated". It's because they lack inspiration. The motivation comes when you have begun what you're doing. You want to keep going. Motivation = Keep Going Inspiration = The Get Going

Anyways. Any thoughts on my situation? Thanks for reading 🙂

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