My girlfriend has lost all motivation for school, how can I help?

Hello, I have come here asking for help with my girlfriend. We have been together for almost a year, we also both struggle with depression and anxiety disorders. At the beginning of this semester she was excited to pick up some classes again at the community college, this made me excited too. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her succeed and be happy. However, halfway through, she stopped attending, and now has no motivation to go to school at all.

She has been in a high school extension program for some time, and has had more high school years than any of us would like to. I really want her to be able to get her high school diploma, she has no interest in it because she sees no point in the classes. There hardly is a point to them besides the diploma. But after getting the diploma she can take certificate classes that truly in terest her, not just general education.

We have a couple months left in this semester, and she only has two classes she attends each week. I'm confident that if she were to attend all of them and do the work, she could pass both. If she doesn't this semester, she may be booted from the program, and I am afraid she will not return to school for some time if that happens.

I am willing to help in any way I can. I have offered to do her homework with her, attend the classes with her, etc. I find it's easier to do things we don't like with each other rather than apart. But she always gives the same response, that there is no point.

Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

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