My Internship at HackerEarth

Work Environment:

I have always dreamt of working for an organization where loads of responsibilities are placed on their employees. And HackerEarth does just that! Obviously, you get hired because of your skills, but founders and managers expect much more. Opportunities for learning and growth are plenty, as often, you work outside your job description. Everyone works together and the best part is, there’s no middle management, so you learn from the best.


It was a pleasure to join the Inside Sales team as a Market Research intern. Interning at HackerEarth gave me the freedom to learn from many vertices. Everyone at HackerEarth has the license to show off their brilliance. Delivering results with fresh designs and pitching in new concepts that capture consumer interests happen almost everyday! There’s pressure to break new ground, but dynamic energy drives the progress here. Pride in growing the company and sharing in its ups and downs creates a tight-knit team.

Not to forget, HackerEarth is one of the coolest places to work in. Plenty of perks keep employees happy, such as quarterly outings, flexible working hours, free food, a casual atmosphere, a gaming zone, etc.

Every quarter, the entire organization gathers for a session with the CEO, Sachin Gupta. He gives an insight about the company, industry trends, what the company has achieved so far, what it intends to achieve, and much more. The level of transparency is impeccable! A special shoutout to Shishir, Head of Inside Sales, and probably the most resourceful person I have ever known. He helped me get a hang of things, starting right from the basics.

My Experience:

As a fresh MBA graduate, HackerEarth was the perfect place to calm my hunger – the hunger for knowledge, career growth, and skill development. As a Market Research intern, I learned that it is one of the most interesting and fastest growing fields to be in. It has a wide scope in the international forefront. This role not only improved my theoretical skills but also gave me hands-on experience in sales, marketing, lead generation, and business development. Apart from being one of the foremost startups in the country, HackerEarth also provides a fair working environment. The young and talented employees here are ready to walk an extra mile when you are in dire need.
HackerEarth has an open culture and everyone is free to suggest new ideas and changes. There’s no scope of boring preset “to-do” lists; it is a world full of new challenges and possibilities. Yes, working at HackerEarth is an adventure!

Take Away:

It is said that good salespeople are hard to find, effective sales managers are rare commodities, and an outstanding sales director is like the proverbial needle in a haystack. The sales team at HackerEarth is exactly opposite of what is stated above. I was fortunate enough to work with this outstanding team – their effectiveness and principles are beyond brilliant!

I can confidently say that HackerEarth is “The Company” where one can acquire new prowesses and upskill themselves in a very short span of time. In only six months, I learned about consumer/client behavior, different research techniques, analytical skills, various marketing methods, to name a few. The company truly lives by its motto, “Everyone here is an owner of the company and we are always open to hearing people who can help us become better.” Career development opportunities are excellent for those with a go-to attitude and motivation to turn ideas into reality.



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