[NEED ADVICE] I have no motivation for anything anymore.

So I (25m) am someone who often fluctuates between having motivation and not. It seems to go hand in hand with my mental well-being (duh) like when I'm feeling generally satisfied with life my motivation is high. And vice versa.

Even during the pandemic I have had fluctuations in my motivation. Heres the thing: in some ways I am at an all-time low having somewhat recently dropped a number of toxic friends and also having just exited a romantic relationship that just wasn't working (its okay it was mutual). I do feel lonely. I no longer have any friends. Not a single one.

I know how I could go about getting new friends, thats not really the problem. The problem is that I'm broke and the only ways I can think to get friends are through pursuing hobbies. Hobbies I like cost money.

So the way I see things is I can gain friends by joining hobbies and I can join hobbies by making money. I work as an uber driver. Its great cause I'm my own boss. I can make very little or a lot depending how much I work.

The problem is i have no motivation to do that. Usually once i get in my car and start driving I'm set for a few hours of working. The hardest part though is getting dressed, cook and eat before I go and then actually leave my house and get in my car. Thats the 3 hardest parts. I have goals and a short and long term plan for myself but i don't know how to reach it. Its realistic. Just 30-40 hours a week of driving. I can barely get 5 hours of work in. Its to the point I'm going to miss car loan payments and insurance payments really soon if I don't find a way to discipline and motivate myself. I don't even have the motivation to get dressed or make something simple to eat. I feel stuck. Incredibly stuck. And there's lots of negative inner talk surrounding my inability to function and be productive this way. I will mention that I have ADHD and i think I'm experiencing some low to moderate levels of anxiety and depression.

I have already read a few articles mentioning these band aid solutions: "just do it", "exercise", sleep better", "plan better", "lower your expectations" ect and that doesn't help. I'm considering hiring an accountability coach to see if that helps.

Anyways I wanted to post here because i wanted to hear some advice from you lovely people in the way of mental health and not just hustle culture and people who don't understand how the brain works. (I'm already seeing an expensive therapist a couple times a month)


I have no motivation to be productive. I don't want bandaid solutions, thats why I'm posting here. I'd really like some caring responses and advice. I suffer from ADHD and some depression/anxiety. I have no friends and i feel completely stuck despite having a clearly laid out plan for myself that should be totally reachable.

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