Need Advice on how to continue going to school/work when depressed

I'm 21 years old, and I've dealt with depression, anxiety, binge eating disorder on and off for the last 4 years. Recently things went south in my life. I found out my oldest brother is a heroin addict, I was recently sexually assaulted by a tinder date, I'm in senior year of college and am realizing I don't enjoy my major, a lot of my friendships are fizzling out.

Last week, I was late to work two times, I skipped my therapy appointment, and missed two of my classes. I have no motivation to do any homework, and when I do I have a hard time focusing. At work, I'm good at distracting myself and pretending to be ok. But the minute I'm alone, I isolate, and recently I've been self harming.

I have 3 more terms of school left, but at this rate, I feel so hopeless and defeated. For anyone that's been in similar circumstance, any advice on how to continue going to school/work when your depressed?

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