Need help with personal mental health

Hey people of reddit,i am currently facing a huge wall in my life,and no one(family&friends) could help me.So i decided to ask fellow gamers and humans for a solution. For the past 10 years i have been gaming a lot 6-8 hours a day and well,now i realise how much it has affected me as a person.I am 18,with social skills comparable to a cucumber,which is quite sad and i do blame everything on my addiction.While everyone was out playing,being friends etc,I was locked in my room,alone with no one but my trusty computer.This was enjoyable just because i am a huge introvert with no motivation to go outside and do anything every teenager does.Now i look back at it and see,how much i have wasted..

It is the uni entrance exam year(if corona doesnt mess it up) and i realised how different and regressive i truly am.I am bad with interacting with other humans,which has led me to be always alone, burried in books while everyone is outside in cafes,restaurants, you name it.Hell i cant even walk into Mcdonalds without getting anxiety.

To fix this, i decided to slowly drop gaming and start socializing.But i have realised how boring it is without my games.I just do my homework,play guitar and thats it,just stare at walls and just sit.Homework is the only thing that has me occupied and interested in.I do have many "friends" but its so hard to interact with them while having totally different interests.I feel like an old person that is 18 really.Things normal teenagers like, i hate. I really dont want to seem like a snowflake who is different then others.I want to understand the joy of interacting and doing dumb stuff which will fill me with life.This fact has bothered me for so long and is so painful when i realise how lonly and uninteresting i am.I do even have a huge crush on a girl but i know if we even get together i will be so uninteresting that break up will be iminent.So i ask you,what would you do in my position?

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