New to the sub but I just hit a personal low of 229 lbs after a year and 6 months of hard work and needed people to share it with!

The lowest weight I ever remember being was 240 in high school. From there on it was only up for me, had a rough break up and a few messed up events in my life that caused some severe depression for several years that lead to a sedentary lifestyle of excessive eating. My highest weight was around 310 lbs.

After my daughter was born I decided I needed to make a change. I started hitting the gym and working on my diet, starting with caloric intake and then working on eating cleaner. Now after a year and a half I'm starting intermittent fasting and after a few weeks I've hit my new personal low, and gotten unbelievably close to my personal goal of 220 after 'plateauing' around 235 for several months.

I really dont know what else to put here, I'm just so excited and happy that I needed to share it somewhere that it would be appreciated, maybe help as motivation for someone else working on the same thing.

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