NFL Free Agency 2019 Preview – Odds and Picks for the Top Available Players

The 2019 NFL free agency period is set up to be one of the more interesting open markets in some time.

It might be that the surprisingly entertaining AAF and the drama of the NBA has kept you from realizing it, but this is a pretty loaded free agency class.

That was always going to be the case, but it’s only getting better. The Pittsburgh Steelers declined to tag star running back Le’Veon Bell, which officially made him a free agent and also handed free agency one of its biggest superstars, possibly ever.

More could be coming, too.

Nick Foles is likely headed for the open market, Ryan Tannehill and other big names could be cut, and in due time, teams could even be (gulp) giving Colin Kaepernick a serious look.

It’s going to be a wild ride, and it all starts rather soon, with the new league year officially beginning on March 13th.

Whispers of interested teams and prospective verbal agreements will trickle out before that, so now is the time to start thinking about which big stars your favorite team could land.

The other aspect is the fact that you’ll be able to bet on NFL free agency in some regards. Most NFL betting sites at least offer NFL player prop bets, and Michael Wynn actually already touched on two big ones when he looked at where Le’Veon Bell will play in 2019.

Wynn also broke down the situations for Nick Foles and Antonio Brown. The latter isn’t a free agent, but he’s now officially on the move.

Had a great meeting with Mr.Rooney today we discussed a lot of things and we cleared the air on several issues! We both agreed that it is time to move on but I’ll always have appreciation and gratitude towards the Rooney family and @steelers organization! #CallGod #Boomin

— Antonio Brown (@AB84) February 19, 2019

There are a lot of things to iron out, while you’ll also want to keep in mind that some guys could be cut, traded, or handed a franchise tag. I think it’s still helpful to break down the biggest names in the event the best NFL betting sites start pushing out more NFL free agency prop bets. and are two of the best NFL sportsbooks that have been actively doing this pretty much all year, so keep tabs on their wagers to see which players you can wager on. For insight as to which bets you’ll actually want to make, read on.

NFL Players That Could Be Released

Let’s first get out of the way some big names that are at risk of being traded or (more likely) released. Whether due to injury, age, poor play, or a contract situation, the following players are still under contract but may not be in a matter of weeks.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants

The aging future Hall of Famer has helped Big Blue to two titles and put up solid numbers throughout his career, but his play has been trailing off for years.

It’s possible New York tries to trade Manning, and keeping him in town as a bridge to their new franchise passer (Dwayne Haskins, perhaps?) isn’t impossible. These two sides should rip off the band-aid and move on, though.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins

Eli Manning’s future is a little cloudy, but Tannehill’s isn’t. Miami is in position to take a chance on a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft, and reports suggest the franchise will finally move in a different direction.

Tannehill has always flashed solid ability, but he’s never been consistent and has struggled to stay healthy. Someone like the Redskins or Jaguars could give him a fresh start, but his days in South Beach appear to be over.

Case Keenum, QB, Denver Broncos

What a difference a year makes, as Keenum was Minnesota’s savior during the 2017 NFL season and then got paid by going to Denver. He was always just a stop-gap option, but he was too erratic last year for the front office to feel great about him moving forward.

Denver should be in the market for a quarterback in this year’s draft, while they also traded for Joe Flacco. Does Flacco make the Broncos Super Bowl 54 contenders? No, but his presence does make Keenum quite expendable.

Keenum could latch on anywhere as a rock-solid backup option, but he’s not the worst starter to lean on for a year, either. Teams potentially making changes that need a bridge passer like Washington or Miami could show interest.

Blake Bortles, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

There’s also Blake Bortles, who isn’t any good but was once a top-five draft pick and still has the talent to, well, not be awful. He did get Jacksonville to the AFC title game once, too.

I doubt his skill-set ever translates, but there is still untapped potential here, and teams are always looking for quarterbacks. He’s just got to be done in Jacksonville, is all.

The Jaguars have been held back by Bortles’ inaccuracy and inconsistency for too long. He could salvage his career in the right spot, but perhaps sitting behind a legend like Tom Brady or Drew Brees offers his best path to a jump-started career.

Isaiah Crowell, RB, New York Jets

Most of the top running backs are already paid or will enter free agency. Crowell isn’t exactly a superstar, but he’s a solid talent with feature back upside.

Things really didn’t work out with New York, while the Jets are probably going to spend money in the offseason and may specifically throw cash at Le’Veon Bell. That likely spells the end for Crowell, who can still offer teams early down and red-zone work.

DeSean Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

D-Jax is almost certainly headed out of town as well. The deep threat said as much during the 2018 season, and if he is allowed to walk, he’ll head to his fourth NFL team.

Jackson soured on the Bucs this past season, but it remains to be seen if new head coach Bruce Arians can convince him to stick around. If not, he still has the deep speed to garner interest on the trading block, or the team could just let him go.

There have been loose ties to the Rams, while a reunion with the Eagles can’t be completely ruled out.

Michael Crabtree, WR, Baltimore Ravens

Another wide receiver that could be shown the door this offseason is Michael Crabtree. The one-time elite possession and red-zone target wasn’t awful in his first season with the Ravens, but he also was far from elite.

Not having quality quarterback play around him didn’t help, but Crabtree no longer fits what the Ravens are doing offensively. He can still move the chains and get open, so it won’t be shocking to see him latch on elsewhere.

A veteran team like the Patriots or Colts could kick the tires if he’s released.

DeVante Parker and Danny Amendola, WR, Miami Dolphins

Miami could be moving on from two of their best wide receivers. They traded Jarvis Landry last year, and reports suggest they are fed up with the erratic Parker. Amendola was solid in his first season in South Beach, but he’s 33 and could be let go at no cost.

Amendola is at least reliable and useful, so if I have to pick one here, Parker is the guy to go. He still has immense upside and raw physical ability, though, so someone will give the 26-year-old another shot.

Robert Quinn, DE, Miami Dolphins

Moving to the defensive side of the football, Miami could really keep cleaning house across the board. Quinn remained a very solid pass rushing presence (6.5 sacks) in 2018, but he costs a ton of money, and Miami’s new regime may want to start from scratch.

Having extra cash to work with is never a bad thing, but letting the 28-year-old go in his prime is a gamble. Still, with so many changes expected from the Dolphins this offseason, shedding salary and completely rebuilding their roster makes sense.

Gerald McCoy, DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

McCoy is another star defensive player that can still dominate on the line but may be pricing himself out of town. Despite still being a fine every down player, the 31-year-old costs a lot of money and can now be cut at no cost to the Bucs.

New head coach Bruce Arians will have a tough decision on his hands, but if Tampa Bay wants to strengthen their roster as a whole, this is a move they might want to make.

Nick Perry, OLB, Green Bay Packers

Green Bay actually got after the quarterback pretty well in 2018, but it had nothing to do with Perry, who missed half the year and registered 1.5 sacks.

Perry has been a massive bust after signing a massive contract, as injuries and less-than-stellar play have him marching toward a pink slip.

Justin Houston, OLB, Kansas City Chiefs

Unlike Perry, Houston remains pretty effective (9 sacks in 2018), and if he can stay healthy, he’s still a solid starter. The Chiefs can shed his gross $21 million hit against the cap this year, however, while they’ll also be investing a ton of money in Dee Ford, who is about to hit free agency.

Houston can still play, but I doubt the Chiefs keep him at his current price. He’d fit in nicely with the Packers if he is, in fact, let go.

Top NFL Free Agents and Predictions

Now that we’ve gotten through the big NFL names that could be cut, it’s on to the guys that will either for sure enter free agency or will at worst be tagged.

That could still lead to holdouts or trades, while a lot of guys will work hard to lock up serious cash via long-term contracts. Until that happens, though, there is a very real possibility pro football betting sites push out those NFL free agency betting opportunities, and you won’t want to miss out.

Here are the biggest NFL free agents and where I think they could land this offseason.

Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Le’Veon Bell will probably dominate the 2019 NFL free agency period, but we’ll start with the most important position in the game. That should have teams looking to Nick Foles, who has delivered two strong playoff runs over the last two years.

Foles has flashed ability in the past, but he’s turned it on when it mattered most and won Philly the franchise’s first Super Bowl two seasons ago. NFL teams like the Jaguars, Redskins, and Dolphins need an upgrade under center and could do a lot worse than Foles.

The interest is obvious, as Foles is a proven leader and clutch performer. There were actually some Nick Foles prop bets at a few sites, and both Michael Wynn and I have dissected where he might land in the past. We both agreed that the Jacksonville Jaguars lead the way (+600 odds the last time prices were online) as the favorite to land him.

PICKJacksonville JaguarsN/A

Colin Kaepernick, QB, San Francisco 49ers

Trying to figure out where Nick Foles will play is certainly a big free agency storyline, but I’ve got one that could trump it: gauging Colin Kaepernick’s NFL future.

If you asked me about this just a week ago, I’d say Kaep’s days playing football at the highest level are long gone. However, he recently settled his lawsuit with the league, and talk is heating up that someone in the NFL may finally give him another chance to play.

Kaepernick remains an interesting dual-threat passer, and while he regressed in his final seasons, there’s no way he’s worse than the majority of the league’s backups.

I think Kaepernick could nab a starting gig somewhere, too, and right now, the Redskins are my favorite pick with Alex Smith (leg) likely out for the 2019 NFL season.

You don’t need to find Colin Kaepernick prop bets for his next team to make money. At, you can simply bet on whether he’ll throw another NFL pass.


The way things are going, this is way more possible than it’s been in some time. I love the value, so I’d attack the “yes” side hard. And if Kaep team wagers come out, a move to the Redskins could be worth betting on.

PICKWashington RedskinsN/A

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, New Orleans Saints

Bridgewater is the other free agent quarterback teams will take a long, hard look at.

The former franchise passer for the Minnesota Vikings, Bridgewater really is in this situation due to a brutal knee injury a few years back.

While Bridgewater wasn’t able to show his ability off as a backup with the New Orleans Saints in 2018, he flashed his talent with the New York Jets during the preseason. That should pique the interest of other teams, but I don’t know if I see him landing a starting gig.

The issue going into last year remains the same; Bridgewater hasn’t played meaningful games in quite some time, and teams are afraid to commit to him.

Because of that, I think he experiences a weak market and comes back to the Saints, hoping a Drew Brees retirement in the near future sets him up with a killer gig.

PICKNew Orleans SaintsN/A

Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Bell is the biggest name entering the 2019 NFL free agency period. Not only did he make waves by sitting out all of last year, but he’s also the most talented player on the open market.

Teams will definitely be a bit wary of handing Bell major money after sitting out an entire year, but his agent suggests he’s still in shape and will be giving his next team “fresh legs.”

Even if there are red flags, Bell has been one of the most dynamic offensive weapons in football over the last five years, and that is unlikely to end anytime soon.

The 27-year-old may have a softer market than expected just because he’ll quickly price himself out of a lot of situations (he currently is asking for $35 million guaranteed).

You can bet on where Le’Veon Bell will play in 2019, but you can also profit if he gets his cash. Here’s a fun Le’Veon Bell betting market at MyBookie.

Yes – Over $35 Million-160
No – Under $35 Million-120

That’s a lot of cash for a running back who sat out last season, so my gut says lean toward the “no” side.

As far as trying to predict where Bell will play, the best and most logical spots are the Jets and Colts. Our own Michael Wynn agreed with the New York option when he took a closer look at where Le’Veon Bell will play in 2019, too.

Indy is in play, but they have a solid back in Marlon Mack. As I touched on, the Jets should move on from Isaiah Crowell, and they also have a ton of cash to spend. Investing in an elite rusher to team up with young franchise passer Sam Darnold seems like a solid move.

BetDSI has a fun Le’Veon Bell prop bet available right now, but the Jets aren’t an option. You can bet on the Browns (+435), Colts (+365), and Packers (+275) if you want a specific team.

I’d just target the Field bet (+150), however. That should include the Jets as well as the rest of the league, which obviously gives bettors a little room for error.

PICKNew York JetsN/A

Mark Ingram, RB, New Orleans Saints

Not quite the star talent Bell is, Ingram is still a rock-solid running back who has proven he can play virtually any role in the NFL.

An effective feature back or a bruiser in a rotation, Ingram has proven his worth in New Orleans but may end up pricing himself out of town.

The 29-year-old has said he’d love to stay in town, but this is also his last chance to make some major coin.

My gut suggests the Saints will let Ingram walk. They already have an elite offensive weapon in place with Alvin Kamara, and there’s nothing wrong with drafting fresh blood during the 2019 NFL Draft.

A handful of teams could really use a versatile running back, but the franchises that have a need and might be willing to pay include the Jets, Colts, Texans, and Bills. All of those teams should have money to spend and may see Ingram as an option.

The most logical landing spot may be Houston. The Texans may be ready to move on from the inconsistent Lamar Miller (due $6 million in 2019), and they haven’t a clue what they have in D’Onta Foreman yet.

Ingram would be a stable veteran presence and would give them a true feature back to balance out their offense. Assuming they free up some extra cash by letting Miller go, this move makes sense for them, and it’d get Ingram the money he deserves.

PICKHouston TexansN/A

Tevin Coleman, RB, Atlanta Falcons

Coleman is a pretty interesting case if you’re looking at where the top NFL free agents will sign, as he’s set to leave Atlanta and could make some major cash. The league has devalued running backs, but Coleman is highly versatile and also very explosive.

Held back to this point due to the presence of Devonta Freeman and the fact that he operates out of a pass-heavy offense, it’s arguable we don’t even know yet what Coleman is fully capable of.

The usual suspects like the Jets and Colts should be interested in Coleman, but I think he might head somewhere else. Two different spots pique my interest, as Green Bay could be in the market for another explosive body in their backfield, while Buffalo wouldn’t mind getting a long-term option for when LeSean McCoy’s contract expires.

To be honest, the Bills could (and should) just opt to move on from Shady the second they can. McCoy could easily be cut or moved before next year, and starting over with a livelier runner may be best for the development of franchise passer Josh Allen.

I like the Green Bay fit, and you can’t rule out the Jets or Colts if they don’t land Le’Veon Bell. However, the Bills need a younger option to get excited about, and the 25-year-old Coleman feels like a steal.

PICKBuffalo BillsN/A

Jay Ajayi, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Normally, I’d list Ajayi higher in my NFL free agent breakdown, but he’s coming off of a lost season due to a torn ACL. He’s never been a model for health, either, so it’s arguable a lot of teams will demand he “proves” he can stay healthy.

That likely diminishes his upside for what he can earn in free agency and may land him a short deal to show everyone he’s okay. A return to the Eagles is going to be on the table because of that.

Green Bay stands out as a team that wouldn’t mind adding a dominant bruiser, but if the price is at all comparable, I see no reason for Ajayi to leave Philadelphia. The Eagles traded for him and love him, so assuming he’s healthy and doesn’t demand too much money, sticking with the Eagles is fairly logical.

PICKPhiladelphia EaglesN/A

Adrian Peterson, RB, Washington Redskins

I know most people won’t waste their time talking about a now 33-year-old “All Day,” but he was pretty good when handed major volume the past two years. His 2018 campaign with the Redskins (1,042 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, and 8 TDs) showcases his still-solid athleticism and ability to carry a running game.

The bad news for Peterson is that he’s a dying breed.

He’s old, an injury risk, and he doesn’t help much as a receiver or on special teams. If someone is going to bring him in, he needs to be the top running back, and he can’t be demanding a ton of money.

That does keep his options open from a financial perspective, but I think his best bets are just returning to D.C. or trying to latch on with a contender that needs some help in the offensive backfield.

There’s also the idea of Adrian Peterson returning to the Minnesota Vikings, which was pitched by NFL analyst Terrell Davis. I don’t really buy that with Dalvin Cook in place there, however.

Peterson will have some options, but staying in Washington leads the way for me. Derrius Guice is going to be brought back slowly in his recovery from a torn ACL, so Peterson offers value as a veteran presence that knows the offense.

PICKWashington RedskinsN/A

Golden Tate, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

The 2019 wide receiver free agent market is pretty thin. There could be a few big names traded (Antonio Brown) or cut (D-Jax), but as things stand, teams won’t get a whole lot better by signing guys off the street this year.

Tate does give an NFL franchise a shifty and versatile receiver, however. The fit with the Eagles wasn’t perfect from start to finish, but Tate did beat the Bears with a clutch touchdown in the playoffs. On that play alone, you’d have to say it was worth trading for him.

A return to Philly or a reunion with the Lions or Seahawks isn’t out of the question, but a 30-year-old Tate has value and will probably look to cash in.

Teams looking for a versatile receiver include the Packers, Patriots, and so many others. Indianapolis has the most available cash and could use help at wideout, though, so right now, they’re the team that stands out the most.

PICKIndianapolis ColtsN/A

John Brown, WR, Baltimore Ravens

Brown looked like he was on his way to a career year early in the 2018 NFL season, but a Joe Flacco injury paused his progress in Baltimore’s system.

From there, the Ravens turned to a run-heavy attack with the inaccurate Lamar Jackson, and the speedy Brown was pretty much eliminated from the team’s weekly game-plan. How’s that for a contract year situation?

Brown has faced obstacles in his career, whether it be injuries or just a really unfortunate role like last year. He’s still a burner who can take the top off of defenses, however, and at 28, he can still be a nice get for a contender.

Green Bay stands out as a great spot. The Packers have a number-one receiver in Davante Adams, but they have little else, and the one area they’ve routinely struggled in is field-stretchers on offense.

Brown should have plenty of options, but Green Bay has a Hall of Fame quarterback and an offense that promises to be more creative than ever. This could be a perfect marriage, while Brown’s arrival also makes up for the loss of Randall Cobb.

PICKGreen Bay PackersN/A

Dez Bryant, WR, New Orleans Saints

Is Bryant the third-best wide receiver out on the open market? Who even knows? He certainly regressed in his final years in Dallas, but the Saints brought him in for a reason last year.

Still technically in his prime, motivation and raw talent will not be a problem here. It’ll be if Bryant can be effective after blowing out his Achilles and if someone is willing to give him a chance to prove himself.

He won’t get paid, but I have no doubts Bryant will find a taker for 2019. BetDSI challenges you to figure out who, though. Here are the odds for where Dez Bryant will suit up in 2019.

New England Patriots+275
Seattle Seahawks+365
Dallas Cowboys+525
Houston Texans+835

There were some fun Dez Bryant prop bets when he was a free agent during the season last year, but I’m honestly a bit shocked any NFL betting sites are still offering Dez Bryant odds.

A comeback is not a guarantee given Bryant’s age and his injury, but he’s strong-willed and now will want to prove his doubters wrong even more. I’m not interested in betting against him, while Dez Bryant coming back and being dominant — or even effective — would be a fun story.

Returning to Big D is out of the question, but the Seahawks, Pats, and Texans are all viable options. I’m not sure they’re safe bets, but they could all use a spark at wide receiver.

Do they believe Bryant gives them that, though? I’m not so sure. Instead, Bryant may have to latch on with a contender that thinks he can help them or just prove he still has it with a bottom feeder.

The latter makes the most sense to me right now, so I’ll roll with the wacky Raiders. Either way, attack the Field (+210) wager here.

PICKOakland RaidersN/A

Jared Cook, TE, Oakland Raiders

Speaking of the Raiders, they may actually want to bring in some pass-catching talent because the odds are good that they’ll be losing some this offseason.

Cook has been free agency gold, churning out solid production at his last two NFL stops — Green Bay and Oakland. He’s been betting on himself to this point, though, so he’s back on the open market to prove himself yet again at age 32.

Always known as inconsistent with suspect hands, Cook has come around in that regard and can still torch defenses with his explosiveness. This ability is going to get him looks in free agency, and considering how awful Oakland was last year, my guess is he wouldn’t mind taking a little less cash for a better situation.

Cook won’t be back in Green Bay, but teams that could look for tight end help include the Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Bills, and the Cowboys. New England would heat up in a hurry if Rob Gronkowski decides to retire, but they’re just as likely to just invest in a draft pick at the position.

All of these teams could use a tight end upgrade, but the Cowboys might make the most sense. Dak Prescott needs all the help he can get, and right now, he only has two viable weapons.

Adding Cook helps push Dallas closer to contending for a title (+2000 Super Bowl 54 odds at Bovada), and it’d get Cook on a contending team.

PICKDallas CowboysN/A

Trent Brown, OT, New England Patriots

The Patriots have a stud offensive tackle in Trent Brown, but reports suggest he’ll cost too much for the team to keep him. They were in a similar situation with Nate Solder but let him walk.

New England pieces together solid offensive lines all the time, so I suspect they’ll be fine. They’re still letting a great one walk, and he’ll have a long line of teams checking in on him.

The Chargers could use some youth on their o-line, but nobody needs more help in pass protection than the Houston Texans (62 sacks allowed in 2018). Don’t be shocked if Brown heads to Houston.

PICKHouston TexansN/A

DeMarcus Lawrence, DE, Dallas Cowboys

Dallas is about to be in a precarious situation, as they may have to tag stud pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence. A long-term deal between the two sides isn’t a lock, while Lawrence has made it known he won’t sign a franchise tag.


That could be problematic, but Jerry Jones tends to pay the guys he wants to keep around. Lawrence was also huge (24.5 sacks) for Dallas the past two years, so he definitely deserves to see some money come his way.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Lawrence left town, but he’ll be tagged, and I bet these sides figure out an agreement to keep him in Big D for a while.

PICKDallas CowboysN/A

Jadeveon Clowney, LB, Houston Texans

At least for 2019, I’d say the same is destined to be the case for the Texans and stud pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney has racked up 18.5 sacks over the last two years and has earned a big payday. He’s had health issues and isn’t always consistently elite, but the former #1 overall pick is still quite the force.

I can’t see Clowney leaving Houston at this point, but any team looking for pass rush help would love to land a meeting with him, I’m sure.

PICKHouston TexansN/A

Anthony Barr, LB, Minnesota Vikings

Unlike Clowney and Lawrence, Barr is one defensive stud I feel will be on the move. Barr was a very good linebacker for the Vikings but didn’t do any one thing at an elite level.

Barr can help a defense in every regard, but he’s not willing to take a hometown discount and is clearly going to chase the dollar signs. That will probably take him to the highest bidder, which at this point will probably be the Jets or Colts.

New York has a need at linebacker and could get a big boost from Barr’s athleticism and versatility.

PICKNew York JetsN/A

C.J. Mosley, LB, Baltimore Ravens

One of the best interior linebackers in the NFL, C.J. Mosley is about to hit unrestricted free agency and will be a hot commodity. That’s if the Ravens don’t tag him first.

Early reports suggest they won’t, but Baltimore has groomed Mosley into a superstar and won’t want to let him go. He won’t be cheap, but he’s a stud on the inside of Baltimore’s defense, and they would take a step back on that side of the ball without him.

A slew of teams could use help on the inside, but I doubt Mosley gets away from the Ravens.

PICKBaltimore RavensN/A

Earl Thomas, S, Seattle Seahawks

One last star headed for the 2019 NFL free agency period that is almost a guaranteed goner is Seahawks safety Earl Thomas.

Thomas has been rumored to be on the outs for years, and now that he’s a free agent, he finally has control of his playing future. There have been ridiculously strong ties connecting Thomas to the Dallas Cowboys, and to this point, they’re the clear favorite to land the playmaker.

Dallas is far from the only team that needs help at safety, but this move has been in the making since November. I also like Green Bay as a sleeper team here just because of their stark need at the position.

PICKDallas CowboysN/A


If you couldn’t tell, the 2019 NFL free agency period is going to be one wild ride. It’s rarely as exciting or as entertaining as the NBA free agency period, but it’s still plenty engrossing.

Le’Veon Bell makes free agency must-see television this year, and guys like Nick Foles, Colin Kaepernick, and Earl Thomas help ensure we will not be wanting for controversy and bold moves.

Which guys go where and what big deals they sign will lead the way here, but you also should have plenty of NFL free agency betting opportunities to take advantage of.

Right now, your best path to cash via NFL free agency prop bets centers around big names like Foles, Brown, and Bell. In time, however, the top NFL betting sites may take notice of the major interest in NFL free agency and push out more wager options.

Whatever the case — betting or not — this promises to be a fun time of year, and then it’ll leak into an equally captivating 2019 NBA Draft.

Hopefully, I shed some light here, whether it be on bets that help you win cash or perhaps your favorite players/teams making interesting moves. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the 2019 NFL free agency period!

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