No Phone Tuesday- The Technological Revolution | Malorie Beaufils | TEDxYouth@Laval

Technology regularly affects it’s users’ ability to concentrate, motivation to participate in non-technological activities and engage in social organizations. This talk presents the idea of No Phone Tuesday, where everyone is invited to put their phone away once a week to benefit from a certain amount of time without an object we have become addicted to. It encourages participants to say no to the impact technology has on their physical form, education and mental health and embrace the potential of the detachment of this necessity. Malorie Beaufils – Malorie aime planifier et organiser des activités et des événements. Si vous avez besoin que quelque chose soit bien fait, vous pouvez compter sur elle. Malorie est impliquée dans l’equipe de Peer Advising, l’album de finissants, les comité de graduation et le spectacle de talent. Son travail acharné l’a aidée à entrer à John Abbott College, où elle poursuivra ses études en sciences cet automne.

Malorie Beaufils – Malorie enjoys planning and organizing activities and events. If you need something done right, you can count on Malorie. Malorie is involved in peer advising, yearbook, grad and the talent show. She is all about hard work and no-nonsense, qualities that have helped her get into John Abbott College where she will be pursuing her studies in Honors Science this fall. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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